Nightfall I Hope Anyone Down


  • Uploaded on Sep 10, 2019 by Amanda Harrison

  • Mom, Wife, and Gamer 😄 Playing and Streaming as I can.
    Thank you to any who watch my stream. You're going to hear my son often when i use my mic, so be prepared for that 😂

    My husband does run my account from time to time for things i can't do on my own (comp in destiny 2 😂). He won't use the mic unless I'm the one talking.

    Thank you to any and all who have supported my channel. Thank you for the subs, the likes (and even dislikes), and for laughing right along with me as i attempt to "git gud" 😂

    *my channel is also set up for my kiddo to play and stream. There will be no mic used during those streams*
    Nightfall I Hope Anyone Down
    Uploaded on YouTube by Amanda Harrison

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