11 Brain Teasers To Test Your Keen Eye And Analytical Mind

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  • Uploaded on Oct 10, 2018 by 7-Second Riddles

  • With this set of 11 brain teasers you can test your keen eye and analytical mind! Solving this kind of tricky riddles every day exercises your brain and helps improve your logical skills. You will find out that they are pretty easy only if you have a well-trained brain. Also, don't be shy to pause the video and think more about the right answer. You're welcome to share your thoughts on these puzzle games in the comments below:

    00:14 - This crime riddle is quite scary as it makes you think of how much you can trust your colleagues or schoolmates😱 Sometimes you should watch your back indeed. But anyway, you have a chance to solve this tricky crime case and punish the culprit before he kills somebody else. Use your logic and think outside the box so that you could outsmart the killer.
    01:51 - An interesting logical riddle to test your survival skills. What would you do if you see a minefield center? How would you survive? Share your thoughts in the comments!
    02:51 - A fun visual puzzle for the most attentive and quick-thinking solvers! You shouldn't miss any sweet thing is you want to become an advanced solver😉 A bun brain-teaser with answers for your sweet tooth!
    04:30 - Challenge your brain power with this mysterious riddle on escape. You will have to remember everything you know about dark creatures (just 'Twilight' won't be enough) to escape this haunted castle. But if you don't panic and use 100% of your brain power, you will surely survive! I think so...yeah...
    05:50 - If Harry is as smart as you are, he will easily find the way out of this deadly situation😉 Anyway, this is a cool brain teaser that will boost your logic and make you think really fast. If you can find the solution within the given period of time, then you definitely have IQ 100+!
    07:00 - This cool picture puzzle will not only challenge your attentiveness, but also show who works out regularly😉 If you can spot all the mistakes in the video, you definitely don't miss your training!
    08:40 - This cool picture riddle will test not only your eyes, but your survival skills as well. Real professionals always scan people around to know who's hiding a weapon, so train your skills with this short picture puzzle right now!
    09:38 - This short visual test will reveal your main talent that can be still hidden in you because of some circumstances! To find out what it is, answer these questions without thinking too much, just pick what your heart tells you. You will be amazed to know how much is still sleeping inside you!

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind?

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    11 Brain Teasers To Test Your Keen Eye And Analytical Mind
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