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  • Who doesn’t like cool little Coca-Cola? By the way, this liquid is quite universal: in addition to quenching thirst, it can be perfectly used in everyday life, and very effectively.

    How to get rid of the gum? If you are unlucky to sit on the gum - there is a simple secret: it can be easily removed with Coca-Cola. Soak the fabric in soda and then brush it off. Gum stuck to your hair? Do not rush to get a haircut. Just dip the hair with chewing gum in some Cola for a few minutes. Do insects disturb you at a picnic? Pour the Coca-Cola into a small bowl and place it near the table where you are going to eat, say, half an hour before the meal.

    The famous Coke life hack is the removal of rust from metal. And indeed, if you put a rusty metal object in a glass with Cola, then after a while the metal will become sparkling! You can’t unleash the old rusted bolts? Try to loosen them a bit, pour Coca-Cola and wait a couple of minutes. Coca-Cola will also help to remove cement mortar from your bathroom or kitchen tile. Pour it onto the tile, let it stand for a few minutes, and then wipe. Also, you can just clean the tile grout.

    Some cooking life hacks with coke. If you take a ready-made mixture for chocolate cake or pie and add Cola to it when making dough, the dough will be amazingly tender and airy. Want to surprise your party guests? Prepare for them whisky-cola jelly bears. Coca-Cola improves the taste and aroma of dishes. Sprinkle the pieces of meat with the drink, and in the process of cooking they will become much more tender.

    I have some simple recipes for meat marinade. Marinade for chicken wings: cola, brown sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, chopped garlic. Put the chicken wings in this simple marinade, then grill. You will get crispy wings with an incredible flavor. Marinade for perfect steak: Cut the onion into rings, put it in Moscow to the steaks, add salt, pepper and pour over the cola. Leave for 2 hours. Grill meat.

    How to clean glasses? How to polish the headlights? How to clean rusty tools? How to clean the greasy hood filter? How to clean a burnt pan? How to clean the kettle from the scale? Use Coke!


    1:25 How much sugar has diet cola?
    2:25 Simple Cake Recipe
    4:57 A burnt pan
    5:16 How to cook steak
    6:40 How to clean glasses
    8:25 How to cool soda fast

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