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    00:00 - Boost your attentiveness and logic!
    Elise: “Girls! He’s cheating on me!”
    Elise: “Ed went camping. With his brother.... He just sent me some pics.”
    Ting: “Show us!”
    Is Ed lying?

    01:46 - This logic puzzle will make you think outside the box!
    A day later.
    Elise: “Come jogging!”
    Vanessa: “Wait! Something’s up!”
    Elise: “Like what?”
    Vanessa: “Mike proposed to me!”
    Vanessa: “Well, it was like a challenge proposal...I guess it’s a trend now.”
    Mike: “I’ll marry you, my love. If you make me the perfect breakfast!”
    Vanessa: “And you know my cooking skills...”
    Elise: “I got you!”
    Mike: “I don’t wanna make it too easy...”
    Vanessa: “What was that? Something fell over?”
    Mike: “Now it’s a real challenge!”
    Elise: “Maybe...I’ll add salt?”
    Elise: “Ugh!”
    Vanessa: “He’s getting impatient! What are we gonna do?”
    Help them save breakfast! What can the girls do?

    03:10 - This tricky teaser will improve your critical thinking!
    A day later.
    Elise: “This place makes me wanna never have kids!”
    Ting: “Wei, my eldest...he’s always lying to me.”
    Elise: “How?”
    Ting: “Wei’s grades are terrible! But he’s always studying hard, when I go into his room. How does he do that?”
    Elise: “Let’s check it out!”
    How’s Wei cheating?

    04:13 - Now use your logic and pay attention to the smallest details!
    A day later. Elise: “Time to try a dating app. I don’t trust it much. I heard like 50% of the profiles are fake! But let’s see...” Which ones are fake?

    05:14 - These visual puzzles will boost your attentiveness and logical thinking!
    3 days later. Vanessa: “Ok girls. I’m gonna teach you how to read men! Look at these guys. Who’s richer? Who owns the Mercedes? Which man’s more generous?”

    06:32 - Another tricky puzzle to test your IQ!
    Vanessa: “Enough theory! Let’s find you a proper guy...What about this guy!”
    Elise: “Nah, he’s with his girlfriend.”
    Vanessa: “How do you know?”
    Elise: "Take another look. Which table did he just get up from? Who’s his girlfriend?

    07:24 - More picture riddles to test your detective skills!
    A week later.
    Elise: “We have a new manager. David! He’s awesome!”
    David: “Nice job today!”
    Elise: “But I’m not sure if he’s seeing anyone...”
    Ting: “Let’s check his insta...I love this detective stuff!”
    Elise: “Who did he go on vacation with? Does he live with a girlfriend?”

    09:07 - This logic puzzle will speed up your brain!
    Angry neighbor: “This is outrageous! Your son graffitied my car!”
    Ting: “Tao? Again? I’m so sorry...”
    Elise: “Wait! It wasn’t Tao!”
    Ting: “Really? Honestly, I bet it really was him...”

    09:57 - The last brain teaser will make you think hard!
    2 days later.
    Vanessa: “Girl, you won’t believe it! I’ve found a perfect match for you! It’s Mike’s partner. Very rich! Very eager to meet you!”
    Elise: “Mmm...hold on, Ting’s calling.”
    Ting: "I’ve found a nice guy for you. My husband’s cousin. He just got divorced. I swear, you guys belong together!
    Elise: "I need help...which guy should I choose? SHARE your ANSWERS in the COMMENTS!

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