Exercise Your Brain With These 14 Easy Riddles

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  • Exercise your brain with these easy riddles and brainteasers! Some of these riddles and puzzle games are easy and simple but only for those who have a high IQ score and intelligence. Start your day with these tricky riddles, and get your logic boosted. Try these brainteasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.

    00:14 - A portion of visual puzzles to test your attentiveness! Can you find the spy before you run out of time?
    01:45 - A long and difficult crime riddle to boost your critical thinking and increase your IQ. This one will make you think for while before giving an answer!
    05:03 - Here is a portion of text logic riddles to warm up your brain and sharpen your logic. Let's see how many of the answers you'll get right!
    06:51 - This tricky crime riddle will not only tease your brain and make you turn on all your imagination, but also teach you an essential survival hack most of us never even think of. How can you inform your friend about a difficult situation you trapped without arousing any suspicion? Of course, this is a riddle with answer, but before it's revealed, try to rack your brain and figure it out by yourself😉
    08:21 - This thrilling riddle will make you sweat and stretch your brain! Only brilliant minds will find the dots in this complicated story and figure out who the killer is. I haven't met a person who could solve this case among my friends yet, so you might be the first one! Tell me how you guessed before the answer is revealed😉
    09:42 - A mysterious riddle to make you sweat and rack your brain! Even brilliant minds can hardly solve this riddle, will you do it? If it can make you feel more comfortable, I failed and so did everyone I know😜
    11:06 - Another visual riddle to boost your logic and train your brain. What do you think? Who's expecting triplets?
    12:11 - Hey, it seems you're the only one who can referee this road accident dispute! Your perfect analytical mind and logic will help you unravel this riddle and find who the real culprit of this tricky case is. But if you have any doubts about this, just wait for the answer to be revealed (well, that's why I don't drive or ride at all!)

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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    Exercise Your Brain With These 14 Easy Riddles
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