Monet De Kooning Headline NYC Fall Auctions


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    Sotheby's and Chrisite's are kicking off the fall art season by hosting a variety of sales in November highlighting works by Claude Monet, Willemde Kooning and a rare Ed Ruscha.
    "Well, I think that the Impression and Modern category probably contains the names that people are most familiar with. The sort of person who doesn't know much about art has probably heard of Pablo Picasso," Julian Dawes, Sotheby's, head of evening sales, Impressionists and Modern Art said.
    Gustave Caillebotte's final portrait of Richard Gallo, the artists friend and most frequent subject is expected to sell for between  $14 to $25 million.
    A work from Claude Monet entitled 'Charing Cross Bridge' could bring in $20 to $30 million.
    "Twice a year for the Contemporary Art department we bring the very best in New York in May and November. We are in November this season. And so we're going to be concentrating and offering to the public on view for two weeks what we feel is the very best of what the market can offer right now from Mark Rothko to Kerry James Marshall," Grégoire Billault, Sotheby's head of Contemporary Art said.
    A painting by Mark Rothko entitled 'Blue Over Red' is estimated to fetch between $25 to $35 million.
    Kerry James Marshall's  'Vignette 19' is valued at  $6 to $7 million.
    "Willem de Kooning 'Untitled XXII' from 1977 with an estimate of $25 to $35 million dollar is a really rare example of what is probably the very best of the late years for Willem de Kooning," according to Sotheby's Billault.
    A rare Ed Ruscha painting is highlighting Christie's 20th Century Week Auction.
    Ruscha's 'Hurting the word Radio #2' is expected to set a new record for the artist.
    Alexander Rotter, Chairman of Christie's Postwar and Contemporary division, said he expects the painting will go for over $40 million.
    David Hockney's 'Sur la Terrasse' is another highlight of the Christie's auction.
    It is expected to fetch between $25-$40 million.
    Christie's sold Hockney's "Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)" last year for $90 million.
    The painting became the most expensive painting ever sold by a living artist.
    The auction will also include a collection of Andy Warhol's paintings of famous athletes.
    Warhol's "Muhammad Ali" is expected to fetch $4-$6 Million.

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    Monet De Kooning Headline NYC Fall Auctions
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