Will You Pass This Alien Test? 👽 Logic Riddles From Aliens!

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  • Uploaded on Nov 28, 2019 by 7-Second Riddles

  • Here is a new set of logic riddles from aliens that will make you think hard! Will you pass this alien test? Let's see! I bet you will spend lots of time trying to solve all the brain quizzes :) If you can do it pretty fast, then, congratulations, your logical skills are impressive! But if you can't concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve easy riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and after a few weeks, you will notice changes in your critical thinking and logic!

    02:25 - Does Emma like rock or pop music? A short brainy puzzle to wake up your brain!
    03:28 - Move just one glass! This tricky teaser will test your logical thinking and increase your IQ!
    04:36 - Which month comes next? Boost your critical thinking to solve this logic riddle!
    05:23 - Move just one coin! This logic riddle will blow your mind and make you think really hard!
    06:26 - Which number is next? A short puzzle that will boost your thinking!
    08:30 - Move 2 sticks and make a cat! A fun puzzle that will test your IQ and ability to think outside the box!

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these tricky puzzles blew your mind!

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    Will You Pass This Alien Test? 👽 Logic Riddles From Aliens!
    Uploaded on YouTube by 7-Second Riddles

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