ArmA 3 Gameplay Delta Force On Ruha Op Point Blank Phase 7

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  • Uploaded on Aug 10, 2018 by Jester814

  • Delta Force on Ruha
    Op Point Blank phase 7


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    Q: What are your system specs?
    A: i7 6700k, Geforce GTX 970, 16 gigs of ram, 250 gig SSD, 500 gig SSD

    Q: What do you use for recording?
    A: OBS for video and system audio; Audacity for personal audio.

    Q: Why don't you play in First Person?
    A: I'm a 3rd person gamer. I hate first person. Please don't try to "convince" me otherwise as if I am unaware of the gaming style I prefer.

    Q: Were you in the Military?
    A: US Army 99-06, Radio Operator(25C). Non-Combat Veteran.

    Q: Is that AI or real people?
    A: If it's an ArmA Mission it's AI unless I very specifically state otherwise. The 506th doesn't PvP.

    Q: What ArmA 3 mods do you use?
    A: CUP Terrains, RHS Escalation, CBA A3, TFAR, ACE3, cTab, FHQ Accessories, DAR MAXXPROs, mrb A3 Voice Stop, Switch Weapons While Moving, Ares/Achilles, Splendid Smoke, MRT Accessories Functions, Mighty GAU-8, ACSZ Missing Content, Cypress Push to Hear, BaBe Mid Range Texture Fixes, Mao Sway and Recoil Fix, ZEC Templates, Enhanced Movement, Project OPFOR, RH Accessories

    For SF missions: VSM Gear, TRYK Gear, MOCAP Melee mod, MCC, Robert Hammer Pistols, and a variety of ArmA community maps.

    I am no longer using any iteration of JSRS due to the problems it causes on servers. It was discovered in Feb 2015 that all versions of JSRS for the past 4 years have been causing massive amounts of errors on dedicated servers so it has stopped being used and I don't use another sound mod. This includes JSRS Lite.

    Q: Can you upload that mission so I can play it?
    A: Nearly all of the missions I play are dynamically created by someone controlling Zeus in ArmA. They are therefore not available for upload.

    Q: No debrief?
    A: When we debrief in game I leave it in. We very rarely debrief in game. Debriefs are rare, not the norm, and they never will be.

    Q: Why don't you do X when you Zeus?
    A: I Zeus by a very strict set of guidelines set forth by my ArmA unit to maximize the fun of the people in the mission for whom I am Zeusing. The goal is fun, not punishment. I don't need a hundred Monday morning quarterbacks telling me "what I should have done" or "how I would have done it" or "how this other person does it". All I need is for my guys to say they had fun at the end of the mission and I know I did it right.

    Q: Can I join your ArmA unit?
    A: 506th IR Realism Unit: (Must be 18 or older)
    ArmA 3 Gameplay Delta Force On Ruha Op Point Blank Phase 7
    Uploaded on YouTube by Jester814

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