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  • UNCUT INTERVIEW! Did you ever wonder if there were different types of intelligence?

    Most of us think of someone with high intelligence as someone who remembers everything and can complete tough mathematical formulas, in other words, a genius.

    But is remembering a bunch of facts and figures the true marks of a genius?

    Robert Kiyosaki doesn’t think so.

    In this edition of Millennial Money, Robert and Alex discuss the four different types of intelligence, how school hurts us with labels, and how to be successful regardless of your genius type.

    The Four Different Types of Intelligence

    Using the diagram of a tetrahedron, Robert discusses the four types of intelligence as: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

    Mental intelligence is what most of us think about when we think of a genius. The Jeopardy winner, math whiz or computer science geek all come to mind. But being a mental genius isn’t the only way to achieve success.

    The physical genius is another type of intelligence. Tiger Woods is a great example. Though Tiger is an incredible book smart individual (he did attend from Stanford after all) his true genius can be found on display on the golf course.

    The third type of intelligence Robert discusses is emotional intelligence. To Robert, it’s the lack of emotional intelligence around money that keeps people poor. As Robert sees it, the key to improving your emotional intelligence can be found through gameplay.

    The final intelligence is spiritual intelligence. This intelligence differs from mental intelligence because of unity. In school, we’re taught that there are winners and losers. But strong spiritual intelligence is found through unity.

    Game Play Reflects Behavior

    When Robert was a child, he learned about emotional intelligence by playing Monopoly® with his rich dad. Robert continued to focus his efforts on improving his emotional intelligence to become financially free at the age of 47.

    What was the key to his success?


    Once he and Kim became financially free they developed the board game, CASHFLOW® 101.

    Robert and Kim knew that the best way to learn (other than doing) was through simulation. By combining all four intelligence into the board game, they discovered the best way to teach people to face their fears about money and investing through gameplay.

    Your Difference Is What Makes You A Genius

    We all have a genius inside of us. Unfortunately, school isn’t the best assessment of that genius.

    Robert was always reminded by his rich dad to make mistakes. Rich dad would always ask, “Have you tried…” instead of telling Robert, “Do this… Don’t do that…”

    The best way to find your genius is by learning through gameplay in safe environments.

    Discover your game and you’ll find your genius.

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    You Are NOT Stupid Robert Kiyosaki Millennial Money
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