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  • Increase your IQ and logic with 7-Second Riddles https://goo.gl/BZSTVh 😎 95% fail these easy riddles! What about you? 😏 Test your memory and general knowledge with these picture puzzles and trivia quizzes! Give your brain a light workout and increase your attentiveness to the details. If you feel bored or exhausted, try these cool riddles to wake up your brain:

    00:32 - Test your attentiveness to the details with this picture quiz! So Christy went on the show. She could win $3 million! Host: “Welcome everyone! The first prize is $200,000! Good luck!” Сan you spot the fake?

    03:11 - Another portion of tricky puzzles to improve your attentiveness and logic! Host: “Christy — wow! You’re gonna be a rich girl soon! That was impressive! OK, the next question is for $400,000.” Which logo is correct?

    05:42 - Boost your vision to the max! Host: “Wow wow wow! Christie! The next question is worth $600,000! Answer it right and you’ll have over $1 million already! Still a lot more money to win!” Сan you spot the fake?

    08:38 - Test your memory with this geography test! Host: “You didn’t even hesitate! OK, now the prize amount is $800,000. Аre you readу? If you answer it, you’ll have $2 million!” Сhristie: “$2 million in less than 5 minutes! I’m ready!” Host: “Next question. Which flag is fake?”

    11:02 - All the Avengers fans will easily solve this fun quiz! Host: “Alright!! Hey, quick question: did you see all the Avengers movies?” Сhristie: “Not yet.” Host: “Uuuy! Unlucky! For $1million...Guess the fake superhero!” Which superhero is fake?

    How many fake logos did you guys catch? Share in the comments!

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