Windows 10 Faster Performance Disk Space Cleanup Guide

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  • Uploaded on Aug 30, 2019 by TechGumbo

  • If you want faster performance on Windows 10, you will need to know how to clean up disk space on your drive. Nowadays, it doesn’t take long to fill up our drives. Those programs, games, videos, pictures and files on your computer taking up space can have a negative impact on performance. In this Windows 10 tutorial, I will show you the numerous features, settings and programs that will help you to clean up space on your drive and remove the junk wasting resources on your drive.

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    “Windows 10 Tips & Tricks” Playlist
    Top 5 CCleaner Alternatives for Maintaining Your PC!

    0:27 Empty Recycle Bin
    1:21 Delete Files Using Disk Cleanup
    2:25 Remove Restore Points
    3:08 Use Storage Sense
    5:12 Uninstall Apps, Games and Bloatware
    5:51 Remove Other Programs
    6:24 Delete Files in AppData Folder
    7:14 Move Files to External Drive
    7:51 Change Where Future Content is Saved
    8:29 Move Installed Apps & Games to New Drive
    9:26 Delete Other Users
    9:58 OneDrive Files Online Only
    10:38 Disable Hibernate
    11:30 Analyze Drive Usage
    12:45 3rd Party Maintenance Software
    13:11 Reset This PC or Fresh Start




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    Windows 10 Faster Performance Disk Space Cleanup Guide
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