14 Riddles On Crime For Your Daily Dose Of Brain Exercises

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  • Uploaded on Jun 12, 2019 by 7-Second Riddles

  • Here is a set of 14 riddles on crime for your daily dose of brain exercises! These tricky riddles will make you think twice! Try not to break your head while solving these teasers ;) This brain workout will boost your logical thinking and increase your IQ. Get ready to solve these fun puzzles and push the "Play" button!

    00:14 - A mind-blowing riddle for the smartest #RiddleSolvers! Let's see if you can solve it right without thinking for too long ;)
    01:18 - Who killed the cook? Check this criminal case and try to solve it before the time is up! This way you will increase your IQ and boost your detective skills!
    02:47 - Try to solve this crime puzzle and boost your detective skills! Tom worked as a Mickey Mouse mascot at Disneyland. One day his body was found in the dressing room! Who killed him?
    03:50 - Mrs. Stone called the police to tell that her husband died! When Detective arrived at the crime scene he immediately arrested the woman. Why?
    05:03 - The police got a call from the bank director. He said that his bank was robbed. When the police arrived they arrested him. Why? Test your logic with this tricky riddle!
    06:22 - Who is a kidnapper? Test your logical skills with this set of short visual puzzles! Try to answer before the time is up.
    07:56 - A woman's body was found in the changing room! There were 3 customers in the shop. Who is the killer? Boost your logic and detective skills with this crime riddle!
    08:44 - Who stole the goods? Find a thief as fast as you can! Turn your logic on and use your analytical skills to solve this puzzle!
    09:44 - A new criminal case is waiting for you, Detective! Someone killed one team's coach. There are 3 suspects and you have to find the real killer!
    11:15 - Here is a visual brain teaser to boost your brain and increase your attentiveness to the details! Guess who is a killer!

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you in this set!

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    14 Riddles On Crime For Your Daily Dose Of Brain Exercises
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